Welcome to CGYNCA, the Childhood Gynecologic Cancer Association. CGYNCA is a non-profit organization working to improve information sharing about childhood gynecologic cancer to families and medical professionals. Dr. Hope Haefner is the Executive Director of CGYNCA.

To provide a forum on childhood gynecologic cancers for providers, patients and their families; to obtain current information for education and clinical trials; to develop a comprehensive referral resource center and registry; to advance research in childhood gynecologic cancers.


Childhood Gynecologic Cancer Association website provides basic, as well as complex education on childhood gynecologic cancers. Information includes topics on cancers of ovary, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva. There is an updated list of articles from current and reputable medical journals, all on one site.


A patient registry is being developed by the Childhood Gynecologic Cancer Association. With a registry, there is a long term goal of reviewing the information for research. As with all cancers, a cure can be found with research.

The Childhood Gynecologic Cancer Association is dedicated to raising money for research on the causes, treatments, and cures of childhood gynecologic cancers. Please take this opportunity to make a donation to CGYNCA, a non-profit organization. Your help will allow us to continue helping patients and families fight gynecologic cancer.